Artistic credit Mohamed mounir Hanan Turk Fathi Abdel Wahab Aida Riad Sawsan Badr Walid Aouni Rabih Kayrouz

Rabih Kayrouz was born in Lebanon on October 5th, 1973, the year when St Laurent, Dior, Ungaro, Chloé, Dorothée Bis, Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo and Emmanuelle Khahn created the “Groupement Mode et Création GMC” at the initiative of Pierre Bergé then president of Yves St Laurent. Was it destiny? At the age of 10, Rabih watches with great fascination the different fashion shows on television. Dior and St Laurent were the masters he admired the most.

Encouraged by his family who believed in his talent, Rabih leaves for Paris in 1990 and enters the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and comes out with a diploma in 1994.
His childhood dreams came true when he interned with two of the most known fashion houses of our time: Dior to begin with and later on Chanel. During his time spent with both Parisian houses, Rabih refined his knowledge of absolute elegance, extreme femininity and good taste.

  Designer and creator, Rabih Kayrouz is sensitive to art and beauty, his dresses serve to accentuate the beauty of each of his clients.

n 1993, he exhibits his dresses in the Carroussel du Louvre as part of the competition: “Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs.” His participation in exhibitions such as “l’Espace Mode” presented in the French Cultural Center of Beyrouth in 1995, and then in 1999 “Beyrouth, de Djenny à Rabih Kayrouz” a retrospective hommage to Haute Couture in Lebanon, brought him more public recognition.
He launched his atelier in 1997, creating breath-taking wedding gowns as well as unique evening gowns.

In 2004, he founded “Maison Rabih Kayrouz” and in March 2004, presented his first ever fashion show at the “Music Hall” in Beyrouth.

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