The leading strand unfolds in a city that naturally lends itself to echo and bring to fruitation the storytelling structure favored by Saab. The film sets up the difference of the universe we are about to enter since the opening credits, if only by inviting the viewers to get lost in Cairo and the upcoming story it’s about to host and feed. Architecturally constructed to allow for passages that always manage to break from or find their way back into the main streets and avenues, our movement within it leads us to these seemingly tangential characters (to what is traditionally identified as plot) that grant the film its force and originality. Rhythm and movement are different here. Dunia wanders in the labyrinth of Cairo, a space of contested and unresolvedcultural claims, in a trajectory that juxtaposes the past to and through the present, in the quest for a still anticipated and uncertain future.
Nada Addoum cinema critic, Beirut


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