Artistic credit Mohamed mounir Hanan Turk Fathi Abdel Wahab Aida Riad Sawsan Badr Walid Aouni Rabih Kayrouz

Mohamed Mounir is the biggest and best selling artist in Egypt. He was born in Aswan, from Nubian descent. His pop-oriented music unmistakeably has its roots in the various genres of Arabic and African music. And his lyrics are without exception social and political, with which Mounir sees himself as a mouthpiece for the cultural and religious togetherness of the Orient and Occident. Mounir, also owes his name to his participation in more then 10 films and two series, and 3 roles on the big screen.

Alemouny Eneiki (1979)
Benetweled (1980)
Shababik (1981)
Etkalemi (1983)
Bari' (1986)
West El Dayra (1987)
Checolata (1989)
Ya Eskenderia (1990)
Meshwar (1991)
Eftah Albak (1994)
El Toul Wel Loan Wel
Horreya (1994)
Momken (1995)
Men Awel Lamsa (1996)
El Farha (1999)
Fee Eshk El Banat (2000)
Ana Albi Masakin Shaabeya (2001)
El Ard El Salam (2002)
Ahmar Shafayef (2003)

Hadouta Masreya (1988), Youssef Chahine
El Malik (1990)
El Masir (1997), Youssef Chahine

Hadouta Masreya (1988), Youssef ChahineEl Masir (1997), Youssef Chahine.

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