Journalist and filmmaker, she has directed about 20 documentary films shown worldwide by French and European channels, NBC in the United States and NHK in Japan. Distributed in France.
So far she has shot in Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Kurdistan, Ex-Spanish Sahara, and Vietnam...
She has written all of her films except "Suspended life" written by Gerard Brach.


"Lebanon in turmoil" documentary feature 75’ released in cinemas.
Arab critics prize of the year.


"Children of war"
Catholic Jury prize at Oberhausen.


"The sahara is not for sale" documentary feature 75’ released in cinemas.

1981 Assistant director on the film "Circle of Deceit" by Volker Schlondorf and director of second film unit.

"Beirut, my city"
Golden Spike at the Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain.
First documentary prize at Oberhausen.


She directs "A suspended life" 30 mm , her first feature film written by Gérard Brach with Jacques Weber and Juliette Berto released in 1987.
Selected at The Director’s Fortnight Cannes.


Works with the news team of Le Monde - MK2  and direts for Envoyé Spécial "Fécondation in vidéo", a documentary on in vitro fertilisation.
City of Biarritz Award. 
Best medical film award by the city of Montpellier.
Scientific scoop award at Angers.

1992-1994 Directs "Once upon a time in Beirut" 35 mmproduced and by ARTE Strasbourg.

In parallel initiator and project director of "Beirut, a thousand and one images", a project of reconstitution of the Beirut Film Archive.


Directs in Vietnam for France 2 a sixty minute documentary "The Lady of Saigon".
Awarded best French documentary by the French audiovisual committee.

2003 "Paris in love ", direction of a 10 short films series on Paris in collaboration with Francis Lacloche - Films Inédits.
2005 Directs "Kiss me not on the eyes" shot in Cairo between March and April 2004. 35 mm
2006 Short film "Broken bridges" short film on israeli invasion in 2006 and video clip with Mohamed Mounir voice "Min Min".

Preparing, for March 27, 2007 at National Museum of Singapour "Missing in words": video instalation about war (150 m2)
2006-2007 Script writing - Musical
Women Desire Pleasure Dance Music Politics