Artistic credit Mohamed mounir Hanan Turk Fathi Abdel Wahab Aida Riad Sawsan Badr Walid Aouni Rabih Kayrouz

Hanan Turk was born to an Egyptian family in Greece. Her family moved back to Egypt and there she finished her studies at the Cairo Ballet Institute in 1993 after which she joined the National Opera ballet troop. Khayry Bishara, a prominent Egyptian director offers her, her first role in his film Raghba Motawahesha in 1991. her consecration as an actress comes with internationally acclaimed director Youssef Chahine for her role in Al-Mohager in 1994. Today she is considered amonts the most talented actresses of her generations and her roles are both critically and popularly acclaimed in Egypt and and the Arab world.


Raghba Moutawahesha (1991)
Dehk, wou laeb, wou gad wou houb (1993)
Al Mohager (1994)
Sarik Al Farah (1994)
Ismailia Rayeh Gayy (1997)
Al-Akhar (1999)
Ga'ana El-Bayan El-Taly (2000)
Al Assifa (2000)
Gawaz Be Karar Gomhourey (2001)
Etfarag Ya Salam (2001)
Dail il Samakah (2003)
Sahar il Layali
Tito (2004)
Ahla il Awkat (2004)

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